• Water Damage Restoration Process Not every flooding and water damage situation is the same. We at Restore Florida always strive for finding the best solutions for each job.

  • Chelsea Todaro Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 1:20 p.m Thursday, March 2, 2017 BOYNTON BEACH 1;15 p.m. update: An unattended candle burning in a bedroom caused a fire early T

  • 98% of Property Owners Will Face Water Damage Have you ever dealt with Water Damage? It has been estimated that 98% of property owners will face water damage in some form.

  • The Problem with Mold Damage One of the main concerns when dealing with a mold infestation is poor air quality. Mold is common in the natural environment, and we encounter

  • What to Do: Stay out of affected areas. Turn off the HVAC system and fans Contact us for mold remediation services What NOT to Do: Touch or disturb the mold – it can spread

  • Our experienced fire and smoke damage technicians understand the effects and severity of heat, smoke, and residues left behind by a catastrophe or fire inside a building. M

  • Prepare your family for hurricane season

  • Download and print the Family Preparedness Plan. FEMA also offers some good recommendations. Watch for incoming storms at the National Hurricane Center’s site. No sto

  • By Dylan Darling, The Register-Guard, June 3, 2017 The last thing a janitor wants to hear after-hours in a museum: unexpected running water. But a janitor at the Museum of

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